Mein erster NFT gibts ab sofort auf der Etherum Blockchain  zur Ersteigerung.

zeigt den Smiley Man, wie er enthusiastisch seinen eigenen Drop zelebriert. Der Soundloop ist ein Snippet eines unveröffentlichten Tracks meines Sphärenmann Projekts.


For some time now I've been watching NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) aka Niftys. A blockchain-based technology that generates digital collectibles with a proof of ownership and gives artists revolutionary control over their works.

Not only convinced crypto investors, but also art collectors as well are entering the virtual space and expand their passion into digital networks. They’re building an art asset while at the same time are decorating the aura of their avatar in the Internet. By purchasing NFTs, they connect with the work and its creator. This has an influence on the art market and builds up the artist in it. For the collector this opens the opportunity to participate directly in his visions and projects. Art, technology and business merge into an inseparable unit and create a new kind of experience and mutual appreciation.


Maybe I have no idea and am over-romanticizing the whole thing. The wishful dream of this blockchain-based fountain of fantasy could burst, all the Bitcoin stuff could join the apocalyptic collapse of energy supply and the human race attached to it, and in the end a tardigrade shuffles over eternal expanses of contaminated rubbish and human skulls. :P Personally, once more I'm relying now to the dream of a transcending humanity. Animals, plants, humans and tech exist in harmony in a paradise-like state.